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DirecTV SAT-MPEG2HD transistion to MPEG4 to start soon with LA DNS Channels

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This is a message to provided from DirecTV to share on forum communities:

Customers with HD DNS channels will start to see crawls on their HD DNS channels starting Wednesday (1/16/2008). These are intended to communicate to MPEG2 customers the urgency of them needing to switch out their MPEG2 hardware to MPEG4 hardware.

The crawls will appear at the top of each hour initially and may be throttled up depending on how many customers react and how quickly.

The crawl will have a message something like this THIS CHANNEL WILL BE MOVING. PLEASE TUNE TO CHANNEL 85 FOR MORE INFORMATION.

It will direct customers to channel 85 which will explain the need for a 5 LNB dish, and a MPEG4 HD receiver.

The slide will ask customers to view:

New Lineup:

CBSWHD - Channel 391

NBCWHD - Channel 393

ABCWHD - Channel 397

FOXWHD - Channel 399

If the customer receives an error message or searching for satellite, they will need to call for the upgrade.

The message is directed for customers in the Western Half of the United States right now in order to migrate these folks to MPEG4 and reclaim that MPEG2 bandwidth.


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