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Dirty Dancing 20th Anniversary Edition - DTS-ES track broken?

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I picked up the DD 20th Anniversary Edition yesterday specifically for the DTS-ES 6.1 audio track. I select it from the Setup menu and play the movie. My receiver then can't decide if it wants to play the DTS-ES Discrete or DTS-ES Matrix. It switches back and forth twice per second for infinity and doesn't stop or ever play the DTS-ES track.

Anyone else have this problem?
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Well I just got back from Best Buy exchanging it for another copy. Same problem. Locks up on my receiver saying DTS-ES Discrete with no sound. Changing the audio on the remote to DD 5.1 EX does nothing. Oh well....
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Maybe it has something to do with your receiver. Even though other DTS-ES tracks may work, this title may not.

I have a similar problem with my copy of the Haunting. It was the first ever DTS Discrete dvd and my HK 525 doesn't want to pick up the 6.1 flag and just decodes it in DTS-ES matrix instead of ES Discrete. Panning in the rear channels can sound odd sometimes. I have a copy of the DTS demo disc #4 and it has a (flagged) DTS matrix and plays (and sounds) a little smoother in the rear.

Any other dvd that ever had a DTS 6.1 Discrete track on them played fine. Odd huh?

Maybe you have a similar problem?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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