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I have an EVGA 512-P3-1241-LR GeForce GT240 card connected to a Sony KDL-40VL160 LCD TV using HDMI. When a full-screen video playback starts the screen goes black for a couple of seconds and switches to a mode with "enhanced" (higher contrast, sharpness, etc.) picture, but more importantly, different overscan settings. When my desktop screen is scanned correctly on the TV, the full-screen video is "zoomed in" and parts of the picture and on-screen controls are cut off.

I went to NVIDIA Control Panel (196.21) and did the "Adjust Screen Size and Position". I was able to make the entire full-screen video fit on the screen, albeit it didn't look like a pixel to pixel match, since fine details are not rendered correctly. However, with the new settings, everything that is not a full-screen video (e.g. windows desktop) is now underscanned and there are thick black borders around the image.

I don't get this problem when I use integrated graphics (Radeon HD 3200 over HDMI), so the video codecs and playback applications are unlikely to be the culprit. Also, it doesn't look like something a TV would do, since it doesn't depend on what is displayed, but on what application is displaying things (captured movie frames displayed in a picture viewer are rendered correctly, full-screen movies stopped on the same frames are not).

Is there a way to disable this "profile" switching? Or some other way to prevent the screen from going blank for multiple seconds when starting video playback, problems with sound during that time (sent over HDMI), and overscan issues described above?
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