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Disabled Newbie needs to stream AV from iPad & lappy to TV, then stream back sound

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the newbie question. Used to be an audiophile but life and cash flow has changed all that :(

I’m in Aus, have v poor internet (one Mbyte uploads), can’t Ethernet and am seeking affordable but quality equipment Solutions to stream AV from either my ipad or PC laptop to HDTV, and then stream sound back to my NC headphones.

I’m bedbound due to disability, so need to make my system work remotely. Can’t afford iTunes, or AppleTV, so was thinking of using an older Android phone (fingers crossed, or would my PC Lappy do it?) to wirelessly stream to Chromecast (about $50 Aud) connected to my screen, and then somehow (what tech would I use?) stream the sound to a pair of Bluetooth NC cans (have sensory issues, so need to use NC cans).

Other times I’ll want to use my Ipad to stream certain ‘on Demand’ programming - in which case the chromecast won’t work. Option would be to only stream from the laptop and accept the loss of convenience. Fair enough.

I do have an excellent Auris Blume DAC receiver taking my audio to my old-school component Harmon Kardon amp and VIFA speakers - so could disconnect and co-opt that if absolutely necessary (in a different room)

I’m new to forums, but lerve the tech. Hope you have some solutions for me?

Big thx!
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