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I could not find a thread on this, i did ask about cleaning awhile back, but im not sure cleaning is my issue, so I want to try to narrow down what other issues i might be having, but im having issues with about 9 blue rays out of my collection, i have about 50 some right now.

It seems they skip/stutter in certain parts of a movie. I looked and had others look the discs look fine.

I cant understand what the problem is, they usually on skip stutter in one spot and and only for a small portion of a scene.

Now I used to use a ps3 and the laser went on that, could have the laser that died damaged the blue ray?

I clean blue rays with lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

Sorry to start a new topic but it is kind of annoying replacing them. Usually their my most watched titles i have watched quite a few times. I could understand if they were in bad shape but even my freinds that looked at them said they look brand new.

For instance my copy of their will be blood skips and then misses a minute of a scene, then plays fine.

I have a ps3 slim now and a S360 now same issue on those discs on both machines.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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