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Disco, funk, Hi-NRG, house, freestyle & similar

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For discussion, video/music clips, and movie suggestions on all the above.


When most people think of disco music, I think the image that comes to mind is KC & the Sunshine Band, the Village People, the Bee Gees, and of course, Donna Summer. There was alot more to it than that though. And there were other great artists (and also some not so great ones) who were popular in nightclubs and discotheques of the 70's and 80's, but didn't receive much radio airplay, sometimes because their music was too risqué or "alternative" for mainstream listeners, or simply not "Top-40" enough.


My hope is to explore both the well-known, and also many of the lesser-known artists in these genres here. And hopefully others who remember some of these artists and music styles will contribute as well.


P-funk (George Clinton, Parliament, Funkadelic...) is certainly welcome here btw, but G-funk (aka gangsta-funk), which came later on, is probably better suited to the Hip-hop thread .


The sound quality may not be the best on some of these, so watch volume levels when playing them.
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If there's one person who epitomizes the disco era, it's probably this lady. She had more disco hits than any other artist, and also helped usher in the age of Electronica with the help of Giorgio Moroder's up-tempo electronic beats. Here's one of my favorite tracks by Donna Summer from 1980.

Another of my favorite disco ladies is this gal, Cheryl Lynn, who's probably best known for her hit "Got to Be Real".


Best with intro:



Best without intro:


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Another classic track, this time by Shannon.


More club classics by the Canadian duo known as Lime...


James Brown - Get Up - Sex Machine

Right on Right on

Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Average White Band - Pick up the pieces

^ Precisely the sort of thing I was lookin for. Thanks Tack.



The Last Days of Disco with Chloe Sevigny & Kate Beckinsale has a pretty good mix of tunes from the disco era, many of which were popular in clubs at the time. And I'll probably end up posting most of em, after sifting through the various versions on YouTube.

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Start with a little HH though, for all the Oscar viewers who've got stars in their eyes tonight.


Australian singer Samantha Sang (with Barry Gibb on backup) on another popular tune written by the Bee Gees.


1 - 20 of 226 Posts
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