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Discovery Channel MythBusters Brown Note Episode

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Discovery Channel MythBusters Brown Note Episode -

Did anybody see this? It was pretty wild. I missed the first half, but essentially there is a myth that a 9 Hz or so frequency at a sufficient dB level can make a person loose control of their bowels.

Anyway, they got three walls of huge subs and stuck a guy in it. Then they piped in sine waves at various frequencies and at different dB levels to see how it would affect the guy. At the lower frequencies is was cool to see the drivers really pumping in and out, moving a ton of air. I think they went to something like 110dB's at 9 Hz and 150dB's at 25 Hz! At one point the guy said he could feel the air being forced in and out of his lungs, and lot of the techs were getting nausous and anxious. No brown note though.

I missed most of the set up though, so I don't know what drivers or amplification they were using.
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The started with 5Hz at around 115dB, I think. It culminated in a 150dB blast at around 35Hz. No brown note. I knew it was bogus since Jeff, aka "thebland", hasn't complained about having to buy Depends all the time. Oh, about the drivers......I don't know what kind they were, but there were 24 of them with 25kw of juice to feed them.
Actually, it was only ~108dB at 5Hz as I recall. You have to wonder why the bothered with this using the big Meyer subs when any sealed, competition car sound system could easily have allowed for more impressive levels down low. One blaring goof in their chatter was regarding low frequency audibility. Our hearing does not stop at 20Hz, but rather we become increasingly insensitive to low frequencies. You can in fact hear 10Hz at about 130dB. Tom Danley had created a device for NASA years ago, referred to as the sonic boom generator which could deliver 132dB @ 2m outdoors, down to 5Hz. He notes that during the many, high level test sweeps, he never felt an urge to soil himself, but as was clearly identified by the Mythbusters crew, very low frequencies played very loudly quickly result in a natural "fight or flight" response.

I would aruge they proved that moderate output levels do not result in the "brown note effect" but they should have done more background research and there is still a question of what happens at say 130dB below 12Hz. Of course this would be fairly easy to check in a car audio system.

It was fun to watch though!
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Check the other thread with more information here . It has the information from Meyer Sound.
Ah. Sorry for the repost and thanks for the info.
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