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The Dish 5000 HDTV Modulator TV codes that I know are:

700 = Mitsubishi

710 = Philips

730 = Samsung

Does anyone know any others? Dish Network used to have an updated list on their website, but they took it down.

Does anyone know what Cinema 7 / Radio Shack 15-1994 / OFA remote device codes correspond to the above? (Philips is 0054, but the standard Mitsubishi/Samsung codes don't seem to work.)

In case you're wondering, what I'm trying to do is to seemlessly integrate the Dish 5000 with an HTPC's accessDTV card (with IRMan and Girder.) I've achieved this goal, and can not only change channels seemlessly but also schedule accessDTV recordings via the Dish 5000. However, I have succeeded only with the Philips code (with accessDTV/Girder pretending it's a Philips set in that case.) This is suboptimal for me, since I have a Philips TV, which also obeys the Dish 5000 when I only want accessDTV to follow its commands.


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