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Finally... I climbed up on the roof, cut the antenna coax, ran a new RG6QS along the roof, down the wall, in thru my balcony (did I happen to mention I live in an apartment with a 15 year old falling apart Winegard metro antenna with a short in the coax going down to the dog house where the splitters are?), plugged it in to the 8VSB, manually added the "important" dtv ota stations... (Analog VHF still sucks tho)

60 kcbs 87

36 knbc 87

31 ktla 90

53 kabc 75

43 kcal 90

65 kttv 87

66 kcop 86

59 kcet 94

The only one that kept breaking up (unwatchable) was PBS (KCET).

NBC boinked occassionally, but wasnt objectionable.

I plan on buying a new Winegard or CM suburban to replace the old one... I hope this fixes the PBS dropouts.

Anwyays, I'm in the Venice/Mar Vista area, no tall buildings around... are these signal strengths about average?

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