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I have recently installed a E*6000 receiver with RBG pass

through the Dwin scaler to a Sony G-70 projector to a 6ft

Stewart screen. SD signal was received, but softer than our local digital cable.HD was out of sync, with seperation red-green images.

The G-70 was recalibrated for 1080i, the E*6000 for

4:3 stretch. This now produces an HD image (demo channel)

that is acceptable,but the standard channels on HD setting

are very soft and blurred. There is as expected, no

control over color, tint. On the SD receiver setting, with

the Dwin switched appropriately, there is loss of sync.

Am now unable to input standard or scaled NTSC without

the overlapped R-G images.

Someone has suggested that the solution would be insertion

of a time-base-corrector (TBC) in line with the non-HD



1-Has anyone experienced these problems and what was done

to correct them.

2-What TBC is recommended.

3-Would I need a seperate TBC for each non-HD signal.

4-Is 720p better/worse than 1024i for the E*6000.

5-Have others experienced excessively soft images with

the 6000 receiver.

6-Are other Dish receivers sharper.

7-At this time, is it perhaps too high a price to pay

for satellite HD in terms of loss of flexibility.

HELP please. MOST appreciated. Thank you

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