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Dish 811 receiver remot blues!

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I just bought the 811, and I am trying to get my Theatermaster MX500 remote to talk to it. The dish receiver wants to be controlled by UHF, so the preprogrammed codes that came with the Theatermaster do not work. I tried to learn the codes from my dish remote, but since they are UHF, no go. Do I have to do something to the dish receiver or the remote to tell it to be Ir capable? Anyone have a step by step solution?

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The 811 does respond to IR commands. Others on this forum were using Dish 6000 remote codes to control the 811; do a search at www.remotecentral.com for Dish 6000 codes to download to your MX500.

In my case, I have an 811 that replaced a 4900. Since the 4900 codes control the 811, I just programmed my JP1 remote (Radio Shack 15-2116; IR only) with the 4900 codes.
Thanks, but I have no way to download codes to my MX500, that I know of!

If I can find someone with a 6000 remote, or Maybe one of my old remotes has a code for the 6000. Any other ideas?
1) Have you tried all the preprogram codes that came with your remote. According to the manual from www.universal-remote.com for the MX500 they list the following codes for Echostar Sat :

038 040 057 058 093 094 095 096 097 098 099 100 122

2) If you (or someone you know) has an older reciever, you can use that remote to program your MX500.

Hope this helps.
Yes I did, thanks for checking but alas, no worky!
I had the same problem. I have a Dish 6000 and a Kameleon universal learning remote. Because the Dish HD remote emits a UHF signal, my UR could not learn from it. What I did was set my Dish 301 remote to remote ID#1 (I usually keep this remote on ID #7 so it does not react with the 6000) and taught my UR from that. The Dish 301 remote does not emit a UHF signal as it is for a lower-end receiver. Luckily, Dish's remote codes are consistent from receiver to receiver provided the remote ID is set at the same number.
Thanks for the idea, but how do you change the remotes ID?
I went through this same problem.

Make sure that your installer left the remote code on 1. The manual tells them to change that number to avoid setting off another Dish receiver in the house. If it is set at any number other than 1 the old receiver remote codes will not work.

The code is on the setup screen, I believe on the installation sub-menu (I'm not home, so I don't have the screens in front of me.)

The procedure is well-documented in the Dish 811 user's manual.

As soon as I reset the remote code to 1 the Ecostar codes from a universal remote worked fine.
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