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Hi. I am about to get satellite service before my calibrator arrives in February. Do you folks prefer Dish Network or DirectTV? Which one do you think has the best receiver? Are there any substitutions I should request from the installer such as different cables from the dish or from the box, etc.?

Thanks much.

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Moderator this probably should be moved to the HDTV Programing area.

I'm an HDTV lunatic.

I have had both Dish (3 years) and Directv (4 years) and for me Direct has slightly better programming and HD selections.

If you watch the NFL you'll want Directv.

I have read that Dish downrezes some of their HD offerings these days to save bandwidth, also they are known to have issues keeping their programs available due to contract disputes IE the current flap with Fischer Broadcasting which is preventing ABC from being shown on Dish is my area.

I was considering switching to Dish recently save a little money, but at this time I would have to have 2 dishes to get HD and the possibility that they downrez were deal breakers for me.

Dish does seem to have a slight edge on pricing and their DVR is very highly rated.

All in all though Directv is the better solid product overall IMHO.

Also you can consult DBSTALK.COM which is an excellent forum for ANYTHING you may need to know about Directv or Dish.

It's not all about the DVR it's the quality of the service and signal.

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Go with Dish Network. The 722 DVR which I have is far superior to any DVR Directv has.

The HD programming is excellent.

The only advantage Directv has is there sports pkg. NOT PQ!

The HD content is almost identical.

I have seen both and to me the PQ in HD is the same.

One provider moves ahead of another in HD programming then it reverses etc.

The DVR that Dish puts out is excellent. Research this area before you make your decision. Dish has excellent HD Quality content.
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