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DISH LCD HD Monitors

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Does anyone know if the DISH 30" and 40" LCD HDTV monitors are actually available yet? Any word if they are/will be good or if they are junk?
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I have not heard of this Dishnetwork promotion yet. Sounds very interseting. If I can get a 40"LCD and IRD for around a grand, I might be up for that deal.

I've heard of problems with their last HD package where for $999 you get a HD TV and a Hi-def IRD. People were complaining about loud sounds comming from the IRD, and the TV was not the highest quality.
They are supposed to ba available now. I know the 30" is available. The MSRPs are $1599 and $3999.

Does anyone know the resolution and manufacturer of the LCDs?
far as I know the info and pdf file is up on the dish net site with the prices so they are selling or close to selling them now. Here is the manufacturer link; might check out pixilworks section chip/scaler info, been hearing pretty good things about them. Dell plasma also uses their chipset on their new plasmas. cheers Mike http://www.flatisbetter.com/main.html
The specs for the 40" LCD say that the DVI input does not have HDCP. I consider that to be a pretty big negative.
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