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DISH Network's DTVPal Converter Box Available
Converter box features analog pass-through to view both analog and digital signals.

The DISH Network is trying to calm the storm that is the DTV Transition. The DISH Network is now shipping its DTVPal digital-to-analog converter box.

The DTVPal has an analog pass-through feature that enables it to switch between analog and digital signals with the push of a button.

This is ideal for some consumers because 2,900 low-power stations are not required to switch to digital by February 17, 2009.

It comes with a setup wizard for easy installation, an electronic guide to display up to seven days of programming, parental controls, program search, auto tune timers to record shows, closed caption support and a remote control.

The best part: DTVPal qualifies for the $40 DTV coupons being issued by the government. Guess that doesn't mean much, however, as consumers seem to be struggling to redeem the coupons in time.

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