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DISH Network Startup package

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First off, I'm a DirecTV subscriber with little knowledge of Dish or their policies.

That said, a friend of mine who has little to no knowledge of HD or the hardware surrounding it, (without consulting me) went off and bought a 65" Mits HD Monitor, and then subscribed to Dish Network and thought he'd get a great picture. He got the standard recievers and dish without the HD capacity. He was crushed when he invited people over for Monday night football and had a blown up picture that looked beyond awful.

So then he comes to talk to me.

So, what he'd now like to end up with is the ability to get HD locals over the air.

He's locked into the Dish package. My quick search of the boards says he needs to get the 6000 model reciever and the OTA card installed therein.

So my question is this... in that he just got the dish and two recievers installed... (less than a week ago) is there any way for him to get Dish to take back one of the recievers and replace the dish, is there any way to get a deal on the 6000 series due to his being a new customer, and is there a 30 day right of termination or anything like that?

(Dont' worry about the 8PSK module... he only wants HD locals for now)

And, are there other recievers capable of receiving HD locals?

And, should he just eat it for 2-3 months and wait for the superdish... will there be new recievers required for the superdish???

sorry to add in thousands of questions, but time seems to be of the essence and my Dish knowledge stinks!

- Pacer
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Read this thread.
Your impulsive friend lucked out. He can now get the 6000 from Dish for only $199 (a $499 value). He'll have to pick up a OTA module for about $150 extra. That will get him the locals.

Later when SuperDish becomes available for Free with commitment, do your best to pursuede him that its best for him to get it.
Dish Network has a 30 day full satisfaction guarantee.
Excellent, thanks for all the replies.
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