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Epson 5040UB projector, Denon 6300, 7.1.4 setup, M&K THX speakers and SVS subwoofer
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Can anyone confirm this info I just received from an online chat with DISH Network?

You have been connected to (01)Laida C.

(01)Laida C: Welcome to Dish Network, the home of Better TV for All. How may I assist you in your buying experience?

Wayne: I'm considering switching from DirecTV to Dish Network and have a question about the HD DVR DISH has. I read that at CES in Vegas this month DISH announced a 500 GB hard drive version of the HD DVR, was curious when it will be available

Wayne: I think the new model # is vip622-1

(01)Laida C: Yes.

(01)Laida C: Our HDDVR receiver is a dual tuner receiver that allows for independent viewing and recording in 2 rooms. One room would be in HD and the other would be in standard digital. This receiver has a leasing upgrade fee of $199.00.

Wayne: when will it be available?

(01)Laida C: Its already available.

Wayne: the 500 GB hard drive version of it that was just announced??

(01)Laida C: Let me check it for you.

Wayne: it's my understanding the current one has a 250 GB hard drive (model vip622) and that at CES in Vegas a 500 GB hard drive version was announced model vip622-1 (notice dash one)

Wayne: I definitely want the 500 GB version and will wait to switch to DISH if it isn't available yet

(01)Laida C: It is already available.

Wayne: so the vip622 (250 GB hard drive version) is discontinued, if I switch service and order an HD DVR I will FOR SURE get the 500 GB vip622-1, right?

Wayne: vip622-1 is the official model # of the 500 GB version of this HD DVR?

(01)Laida C: My apologies but I'm not trained for technical support concerns. I can transfer you to our TECH support chatroom.
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