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When I moved out of my divorce bunker into a proper house, I decided to cancel Dish. I took my Vip722 with me. When doing my taxes I noticed charges from Dish Network on one of my accounts. Here's the story: The incoming tenant called Dish five days after I had moved out pretending to be me and told them he wanted the Dish Mover package after all, but wanted the billing address to remain at my old apartment (huh?). Dish scheduled an installation at my new address, which had (and still has) no receiving dish. He cancelled the installation (double "huh?"). Then he asked them to send a receiver, again, to the old address (triple "huh?") which they activated. What about things like security codes? Somehow he got Dish to change my old pin code (quadruple "huh?"). A few months went by before I noticed the charges on my card and I cancelled the new tenant's service (poor guy). Here's the kicker, while everyone at Dish admits they screwed up, they adamantly refuse to refund one penny, even the current unpaid partial month balance. They told me to tell my bank the charges are unauthorized and will not budge. I am at least a ten year Dish customer, but that means nothing.
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