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I've owned a Mitsbishi 55" widescreen HDTV compatible

tv now for about 15-16 months.

Been watching DVDs on it and some cable.

Never bought a satellite box because I was worried

that as soon as I made a choice - the other provider

would make me regret it.

Always have been leaning towards a Dish solution.

Mostly because of HBO plus Showtime.

Now with the introduction of Mark Cuban's hd.net,

Directv makes more sense. I'll take his live

sports over an extra movie channel.

But if Mark Cuban does a deal with dish too,

then I'm back to leaning towards a dish solution.

In terms of features, I like the * button on

the dish box. Do any of the directv boxes

have anything similar?

Is the RCA still the directv box of choice?

Dont really like buying the convertor to

talk to my Mistsubishi - but I think price

wise - nothing else makes the ugly converter

seem like a rip-off.

720P is not an issue with me - since my TV

cant deal with it.

A box that has coax digital out versus fiber

digital out is important. My amp has four digital

ins (2 optical - 2 coax) but I'm already using

all FOUR of them (minidisc, laserdisc, and two

dvd players) so I may need to lean towards something

that I can switch before my amp... Coax seems simpler to switch than fiber... at least cheaper... guess I

could decommision one of the dvd players - but I

do use it for listening to dts CD-Rs and MP3 cd-rs...

Anyway - im still sitting on the fence (regretably)

because this is like an arms race - as soon as

one solution seems better, the other one will

out do it...

Just wonder who everyone thinks is winning at this

time ? And what their reasons are ? Or how the

various solutions fit with my requirements...

If Cuban claims he's never going to do a deal

with dish - then directv will be my clear favorite.

Then its just a matter of shopping the RCA box

against some of the other late entrants...

Oh - one other things... won't i save on hardware

with a directv solution? Last time I looked,

I needed two dishes for Dish...


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Well sounds like you have a pretty good handle on all the variables as we know them at this time. Of course, many of us have both providers, but when thats not doable or desired it becomes a tough call.

My feelings are that if HDNet is very important to you, you might as well go with DirecTv. Maybe they'll also get around to adding Showtime HD someday..maybe they wont. But in my opinion, because I believe Cuban and DirecTv are totalliy in bed on this (and theres absolutely nothing wrong with that..it's his product afterall to do what he wishes with), that theres ZERO chance that HDNet will ever be on Dish.

Oh, and yes you do need 2 dishes for Dish HD at this time.



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Suggest you do a stroll or search through this forum & HDTV programming. Aside from Dan's very measured & sensible response, regular posts like this typically entice the zealots (including zealots like me that say when you can pick one choice out of two columns then you pick both). You'll typically get better insight from the non-zealots.



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Mark Cuban has said the following concerning putting HDNet on Dish Network:

Cant do dish because they dont have the sports

rights.. sorry. But,we will do them over the air on Channel 21's digital

feed. So if you have an over the air antenna that gets it, you will be in

good shape

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AFAIK, No converter box is required to use a DTC100 on a Mitsubishi HDTV. Last I checked most Mits RPHDTVs had RGB+HV coax inputs. So, all you need is a VGA to 5-BNC breakout video cable, available from Radio Shack online for about $35, and less from some other sources (don't know the links off hand though.)



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