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Dish Setup-Zip Code v Lat/Long

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I wantd to ask about which is better to use or which is more accurate in setting up my dish, zip code or latitude/longitude.

I got my lat/long off of two different web sites.

Here are my results from my dish for setup

Lat 42 Long 82 - A=226, E=34, T=62

Lat 43 Long 83 - A=224, E=34, T=64

Zip Code 48044 - A=218, E=35, T=66

My actual lat/long was 42.642/82.923

Can someone tell me why there is such a large discrepancy between zip code and lat/long?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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What STB are you using? The Zenith has some bad tilt values, 6 deg off for my zip code.
I would think that the Latitude/Longitude method would be more accurate.

The Zip Code method would just probably look up the Latitude/Longitude

in a Table and then do a Latitude/Longitude calculation. I entered your numbers in both my RCA SD receiver and my Toshiba DST-3000 HD receiver:

Azimu Elev Tilt

RCA 42/82 226.1 34.4 62.3

RCA 43/83 224.8 33.6 63.6

RCA 48044 224.8 33.6 63.6

TOS 42/82 226 34 62

TOS 43/83 224 34 64

TOS 48044 218 35 66

RCA website http://www.rca.com/directv/zip_code_selection

by ZipCode 224 33.8 63.9

I double checked the Toshiba Zip code numbers, the 218 azimuth doesn't look right.
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