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Hello All !! Great site.

I would really appreciate some advice on how best to install some equipment arriving soon. Please allow me to tell you what I have and how I'd like it to perform.

What I have now: a dual LNB DTV 18in dish; powered Channel Master switcher (2 LNB inputs and 4 outputs); a DirecTivo with both tuners connected and an RCA 480 attached to a TV in the bedroom.

What I have coming:

(1) Oval DTV dish with a 4 way switch. (2) Toshiba STB for HDTV.

What I want to do.

(1) Leave bedroom and DirecTivo setup alone. Continue to get DTV reception. Connect the STB to receive HDTV (HBO) signals. I plan to connect the STB up to the TV and toggle between the Tivo and STB connection as desired.


(1). Do I need to run 4 leads out of the new dish or is there some way to adapt the current 2 leads to meet my aims.

(2) Is it possible to use the mast etc from the 18in dish setup for the oval to simplify the install?

(3) What's up with the switches? Is my current switch of any use in this strategy?

(4) Would it still be best to run the lines inside to the new switch box? It would be easy for me.


(1) I have a balcony set-up and the cable lengths are only about 12 feet. I'd prefer not to drill additional holes if possible but will.

Hope this didn't come across as too anal. I just didn't wanna waste your time on an incomplete question.

Thank you


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Welcome to the AVS Forum!

Let me explain what you will need to do it attach all of your equipment PROPERLY.

#1. Replace the single 18" round withthe NEW OVAL Dish. This dish accesses both the 119 and the 101 sats. You will now have TWO Dual LNBs which will equate to FOUR leads from the OVAL dish...2 for the 119 and 2 for the 101.

#2. You will have to use the enclosed Multiswitch which has 4 inputs (2 for the 119 sat and 2 for the 101 sat. You can mount the Multiswitch either on the dish itself (if it is the weatherproof style) or in the house. The MS provides attachment for up to 4 receivers.

#3. You attach your existing receivers and your new Toshiba to the the NEW MS. From your post you might set it up like this:

Port #1 - goes to Toshiba STB

Ports #2 and #3 go to the DirecTivo with two tuners

Port #4 goes to the RCA 480.

Just make sure to select OVAL dish in the Toshiba setup so you can receive HDTV.

That's it.

Good Luck and when aligning the new OVAL dish...work in EXTREMELY small increments. You will find that you will get the 101 better than the 119...as far as signal strength.

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