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There are a couple of posts on dbsforums.com about yesterday's Tech Forum. See here for a complete summary:


Some highlights:

from member TNGTony

-- HD Demo channel 9443 will be updated soon. You can get bored of some new stuff now.

-- HD Content IS going on 148 with the exception of the Demo channel. It will be done before the end of this quarter (century? :). Good news for SoCal folks!

-- Jim Ochuto(sp) from Showtime is there to discuss how HDTV content is done on Showtime. I hope he understands his explanation...I don't! :) Showtime does not change the aspect ratio from the film they receive! The content is played back from HDTV Tape. Disk playout technology not ready for prime time! DD sound takes a lot of extra processing. Not all content is available in DD. Lip sync is also a problem. QC is required here. Some content is not in HD. All feature programs are being done in 16x9 but not in HD. It is a very good upgrade though. Hard to see the difference! 4x3 material is upconverted off line to 1080i. Dish lets the signal go through unaltered.

Showtime is ranked #1 HDTV channels by HDTV channel. Same goes for DD.

Dish is the HDTV sat leader (Sound and Vision Magazine). Showtime is fully committed and in the new contracts show is demanding HDTV content from the studios.

-- Ed From California: Thanks for the 148 HDTV. When you get future HD will it go on 148? Yes. But it will be a case by case basis. Program guide update sucks! Are you going to fix it or will it get Open TV? No Open TV, but we are doing a new generation of HDTV receivers coming next year. The guide is slow because of all the local channels all being streamed for everyone. There's memory issues with the 6000. We're looking into some thing but not soon.

PVR HDTV capable? We're working on it. Possibly early next year. Not sure about the record time yet.

-- Q: From "the website". If the 8VSB spec goes away is the module

upgradeable? A: Only minor changes available if they go to COFDM your SOL, but the chances are slim for that to happen.
--Gerald C

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