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Dishnetwork's Commitment to HD?

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Does anyone know if Dishnetwork is upgrading there HD channel list anytime soon?
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We just got a new channel less than a week ago and people are already wondering about more "anytime soon"?
TNT is the first channel Dishnet has added in a year! Dam right i would like to ask for more channels.
EncoreHD is great.
Agreed, Dish is good for now. If D* gets INHD & INHD2, Then I guess we can start clammering for them. Otherwise, aside from some HD minor movie channels, we've got it about as good as we can expect at this time.
Originally posted by boo
What else is there,except the movie channels(StarzHD with 4 new movies in HD last month and not the one that a lot of people would have like to see in HD-Finding Nemo,and the movies are not shown OAR,just zoomed/cropped 16x9)which would not be added to the HD Pack like TNT and do not bring up Bravo,the same programing since they started,it is no better then a demo channel.
Well boy, if you don't like Starz' policy of not doing OAR, you'll just LOVE the almost total lack of HD on TNT "HD" and their absurd stretch mode on virtually everything SD!!! Oh, you'll also enjoy being told that "the following program is brought to you in HD" when in fact it's stretched SD!! :rolleyes:

No thanks, I'd take Starz HD any day of the week over TNT "HD".
Hehe, TNT-HD is a joke. The worst part about it is, that most of their SD material could be HD. Movies? Heck HDNet has shown that any old movie can be HD, yet TNT-HD has yet to show a single HD movie. Also their TV shows frequently have HD copies, but they are not shown.
You never heard the term "atta boy" "oh boy" or "well boy, if....."? These are not meant in ANY form to be racial in nature and I'm sorry if you thought otherwise.

As far as the subject at hand, I thought I was pretty clear that IMO Starz HD is FAR superior to TNT HD. TNT is not an HD channel despite what they advertise. Take the playoff game away and you have ZERO HD. My comments said nothing about the merit or lack thereof of not doing OAR, it simply said Starz HD IS HD while TNT is not. I intensely dislike being told that the following program is brought to you in HD when in fact it is not. That is false advertising pure and simple and should be stopped immediately.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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