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So I have decided to take the plunge and create a dedicated iTunes server.

Well sort of - I purchased a late 2009 2.5 C2D that has 8GB of ram and a 320GB HD that will go in our laundry/craft room that my wife will use occasionally for watching Hulu and checking email while working in the room. I also plan to have it running iTunes all the time to serve content to a couple of AppleTVs/mobile devices in the home. I'm sure 90% of the time it will sit idle and about 1% of the time would it actually be serving iTunes content while being used for other tasks. I also have a Synology DS413. My question is, should I put the iTunes library on a FW800 drive attached to the Mini and backed up to the Diskstation or have the library sit on the Diskstation and backed up to another external HD? I'm sure at some point, I'll replace the internal 320 with a SSD but the library will sit on a larger device. I'm guessing FW800 directly connected would be best but I'm not sure. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Also, everything except the mobile devices are connected by Cat6 on a single 24 port Gigabit switch.

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