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Diskless client and Remote Boot Solutions with embedde linux technology

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SunTang. N. S. Magic is adapted the international patent technology VDSA (the Virtual Disk System Architecture) of SunTang.

VDSA technology combines the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of workstations and server and all hard disk storage system to be a virtual super computer system by constructing a network system. The whole system not only realize the character of network central management, but also solve the problem of distributes computing. Further more, it possess of some important functions such as simply maintenance, rapid update for system and data security protection etc. Those qualifications are perfect for modern network service. At present, the system is able to run Microsoft Windows 9. X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux and Office, CAD, 3D Max, Photoshop etc perfectly. N. S. Magic has been tested & accredited by IBM, Intel, China Ceprei Software Testing Center etc..

The solution's network system has many advantages is as below:

No need hard disk on clients

Realizes "Zero" maintenance

No junk files will be created on clients

Clients can be protected from all known and unknown virus

No need to install operating system on clients

Only need to manage/maintain the server

All clients can run the upgraded softwares on the network

The whole network works like a single computer.
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