Digging through European Union trademark applications, trademark sleuth Dennis Chung (@denchung) has tweeted about discovering an official logo for a future Disney Pixar project, "Luca". You can see the application here. In the same tweet is a screenshot showing a new Facebook page titled "Disney and Pixar's Luca" Furthermore, a second trademark application for the phrase "Disney Pixar Luca" has been filed.

What's the project about? Nobody knows... The logo is in black and white because that's how they are submitted for trademark applications, you can expect the final logo to be in color. But even the monochromatic logo appears to have ocean waves in it, underlining the name.


Disney has issued a press release. Luca will come out in the summer of 2021 (June 18, 2021) and is a story about a boy growing up in the Italian Riviera, enjoying summer adventures, but the thing is, his new best friend is actually an alien sea monster.

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