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Hopefully someone will find this little message in a bottle and be able to help... Here's the problem: My PS3 is connected to my Onkyo HT-R560, which is the receiver in the HTIB 5100 set. The PS3 is connected to the receiver via HDMI (video) and Dig Opt (audio). With this connection, any time I put in a game, the screen will flicker white/gray every 5-10 seconds or so. I've tried every HDMI cable I have in my house (5 diff; varying lengths) with the same result.

The flicker disappears when the PS3 connects directly to the TV with full 1080p output, so obviously it's a receiver issue. I hooked everything back up to the receiver (same hookup as when i first noticed the problem), went in to the PS3 video settings and changed the video output to 1080i... Voila... The flicker disappeared and life would appear to be normal... Except for the fact that I'm not utilizing my devices to their full 1080p potential.

Has anyone encountered this problem before or seen/read anything regarding it? Suggestions are greatly appreciated, as is advice. I'm hoping that lingering feeling that I've got a faulty receiver is not true! It's only 1 week old...

In case it makes any difference, here is a list of my media equipment:

TV: Samsung LN52A650

DVR: Tivo HD

AV stuff: Onkyo HT-S5100 HTIB (Receiver says HT-R560 on it)

BD/Game: Sony Playstation 3

HDMI connections for all video and digital optical for audio

Thanks again...
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