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Display problems while switching between HD and SD

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Edit- TV model 32hl67. Cable box Motorola HD (will get specific number in morning). Charter Communications as cable provider.

Every once in a while, when switching from my HD to SD or vice versa, I have some problems.

Just tonight, I have been watching jumanji, and three times in the past 15 minutes (check that, 4 in the past 20)... the picture has gone to this...

The problem goes away if I switch back and forth while going to an HD channel. Turning off the box and turning it back on does not help.

I suppose the problem is with my HD box, or maybe my cable which is DVI to HDMI into the tv. I am leaning towards the box itself being a problem.

Just a pic to show that the HD is fine.

Look at all that dust and fingerprints. It doesn't show up like that in the current lighting, but that flash is really showing it off. Time to clean.
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Do you have your STB configured to upscale SD channels or are you passing them natively to the set?
I honestly don't think my stb even has that option. I've never changed it, so it is set at whatever is default.
One last bump. Anyone have an idea?

Originally Posted by vmo23 /forum/post/11793618

One last bump. Anyone have an idea?

It may be an HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) handshake problem. When tuning to some HD channels, HDCP handshaking must occur between the stb and the tv. If this does not happen as expected the video may not be viewable. As to whether its the stb or tv at fault, I suggest searching for other posts involving the particular model stb and tv and HDCP problems. Problems are often encountered when the digital signal (HDMI or DVI) is routed through an intermediate device such as a switch or a/v receiver.

If your stb is the Motorola DCT6xxx series (the 6200 has DVI), you do have the option to send 4:3/SD either as 480i or upconverted. I prefer the former over the latter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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