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Display settings for DVD viewing

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When I watch the regular satellite everything looks fine. I watch a DVD on my Sony Blu ray player and it is so clear that it looks like a soap opera or a play and not really like a movie. I change settings from Dynamic to Movie and all it does is darken it some but does not solve the problem. Anybody know what settings would make it look more like a movie and less like I am watching something that was video taped?

I have a Samsung 55" LCD

Many Thanks
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You need to adjust the tv's auto motion settings till you achieve a more realist looking picture. Check the owner's thread for your exact model for some suggested settings from other owners. Most people adjust the setting to very low or off for most realistic looking pictures.
Actually it is too realistic - I am trying to tone down some setting that will give it less of a 3D appearance.
I know what you're saying. It will require adjustment of your auto motion settings, it's called Soap Opera effect if you want to google it for more background and info.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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