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Display shifted left ~20? pixels

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I used to have my MCE 2005 hooked up to my tube TV using SVideo - that was fine, since the resolution on the TV wasn't great. I recently got a 37" LCD, and decided to use DVI->HDMI so I could take advantage of the increased resolution.

The problem I have is that the MCE UI (and all videos played, and the desktop, etc. - everything) is shifted left 20px, and since I am using DVI, my ATI Catalyst Console doesn't allow me to shift the image left/right (and there are no controls on the HDMI input of the TV to do it either)

I must be missing something simple...



Video card is an MSI ATI X300 PCIe, running at any resolution (I've tried 720x480, 1024/768, 1280x1024)

TV is a Philips 37PF7320A/37B
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