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Distilled HiDef disc news - May 2006

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May 31

* InterVideo Ulead Blu-ray Disc software integrated with first-to-market BD notebook and desktop PCs


Alienware Systems introduce cutting-edge new digital home entertainment technology

May 29

* Blu-ray titles appear on Netflix

May 28

* Washington Post: Two movie formats, heading for a high-def collision

May 26

* Verbatim 25GB Blu-ray media to launch in August 2006

* Fujifilm Blu-ray media available in Europe next month

* Universal HD DVD in August

Arriving on 8th August is Ray and then following on the 22nd August are The Bone Collector, The Interpreter and Spy Game.
* HD DVD and Windows Vista

May 25

* Paramount delays first HD DVD titles

* HD DVD to get regional controls

* Microsoft reveals a slew of upcoming HD-DVD titles

* DTS-HD Master Audio selected for the first European HD DVD release

* Macrovision's (MVSN) ACP technology to be added to AACS industry consortium

* PC Mag: Video review of the Toshiba HD-A1

* Outlook for High Definition video disc formats in Europe

May 23

* LG introduces Blu-ray burner GBW-H10N in June for €799

* Acer may introduce BD and HD-DVD notebooks

* "Constantine", Warner Home Video's first HD DVD With In-Movie Experience, debuts June 6

"Firewall" and "The Perfect Storm" also debut on HD DVD
* Bourne Supremacy gives HD DVD extra

Universal title first with features exclusive to high-def format

May 22

* Secrets of HT: Toshiba HD-A1 full review
Discussion thread
* Sony confirms two new Blu-ray titles

"Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction" will be available on Blu-ray Disc July 11, and "The Benchwarmers" will follow on July 25.
* Blu-ray, HD DVD format war heats up at MEDIA-TECH

May 19

* Blu-Ray takes stand at show

* HD DVD players hard to find

May 18

* Stringer's Sony unveils first Blu-ray laptop

* Sound and Vision magazine: Toshiba HD-XA1 player review

May 17

* Pioneer chooses Sonic Solutions to oower world’s first commercially-available Blu-ray Disc drive

* InterVideo Ulead to showcase HD DVD playback and disc authoring at HD DVD seminar

May 16

* Sony unveils first Blu-ray notebook computer

* Sony DADC announces launch of U.S. Blu-ray Disc production

* Another Sony Blu-ray release date shuffle

* Player review by Consumer Electronics Net

May 15

* Blu-ray recordable media appears at Circuit City Stores

* Fujifilm Blu-ray DVD Media available for US market in June

* AMEX Digital's MPC-505BD Media Center PC with Blu-ray recorder

* HD DVD vs. Blu-ray: LeaderSpeak

May 13

* Sony's AR11S 17-inch Blu-ray Vaios due mid June?

May 12

* Lite-On IT to produce Blu-ray Disc drives based on technology from Philips

* DaTARIUS blazing in Blu-ray project

Datarius will actively participate in the Blaze project, a European initiative (MEDEA+ Blu-ray HD storage project) which aims at defining an overall architecture and development of components for the Blu-ray HD recorder.

* Video Business: Black and Blu-ray

May 11

* CMC to Produce Dual Layer HD DVD-R Discs in 3Q

* NYT: Why the world doesn't need hi-def DVDs

* First critical look at the HD DVD experience

AVRev.com readers speak on HD disc formats

May 10

* Sony sees flat TVs paying for slow Blu-ray growth

* Warner's guns blazing for Dirty Harry

Warner will release the Dirty Harry films on HD DVD , including hidden footage and other bonus features, in 2007.

May 9

* Xbox 360 HD DVD player still coming this year

* Toshiba Qosmio G35 with HD DVD to launch this week for $3K

* TDK Blu-ray media available in the UK

May 8

* PS3 launch and pricing details announced

* Warner rolls out Full Metal Jacket and Unforgiven May 16

* Interview with LG Electronics

May 7

* xbox.com: HD DVD explained

The HD DVD accessory "will connect to the Xbox 360 console with a USB cable"
* Reuters: Sony bets more than video game unit on PS3 success

At stake is not just pole position in the video game industry, but also dominance in the next generation of DVDs

May 5

* Sony Ships Blu-Ray Disc Media

* Video Business: HD DVD sales sluggish

* Paul Sweeting: Don't bug me

* Consumer reports: Toshiba HD-A1KN and HD-XA1KN

May 3

* Blu-ray titles pushed back to June

* Sony to Launch Major Consumer Ad Campaign in Support of HDTV, Blu-Ray

* HD DVD launch beats projections

* Tepid interest seen for next-gen DVDs in 2006

May 2

* The RCA HDV5000 appears on Circuit City's website

May 1

* Navarre's BCI to Release HD-DVD Programming

* Electronic Business Online: The convergence war

* Ultimate AV Mag: HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc 2006: An In-Depth Report

* Secrets of HT: Review of the Toshiba HD-A1


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Note that this thread has been unstickied. However, a link to it is included in the stickied release calendar thread for easy access.
And why is that? :mad:

I thought this thread was great stickied!
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And why is that? :mad:
To avoid sticky overload, I've been told.

I thought this thread was great stickied!
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