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Hi all, I'm having an issue that I hope someone can help me with.

I have an Epson 7500ub (TW5000) here in Australia. It's the same as the 6500ub / TW4000 but with a few extra features.

In dark scenes I notice severe posterization (bands appearing especially in dark grey / black scenes.

I've tried with 2 different dvd players, 2 receivers, 2 different HDMI leads...even happens when I connect the player straight to the projector. It's definitely the projector causing it.

When I pause the picture, the effect is still there, moving. It almost looks like the gamma is being constantly changed. Dark areas will have blotches that come and go on faces and the blotchyness of skies for example will flicker a little.

It sounds like dithering, but this is an LCD projector.

I tried playing with my Blu ray player settings - colour depth etc... nothing really fixed it though it may have been less when on RGB than Ycxx44 (or whatever it's called!).

I changed settings on the projector too, CFI, superwhite, bulb modes... nothing is fixing it.

It's a recent issue that's the strange thing, it could just be a warranty issue but I thought I'd ask if anyone has ideas of what else to check?
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