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Diva vs Paradigm Reference

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This is a duplicate to my post in the general Home Theater forum...I thought I'd post it where those who have apparently "seen the Diva light" reside!

How many people have compared the Diva 2.1 to the Paradigm Studio 20's?

Anyone compare the Diva C3 center to the Paradigm Studio CC center?

I'm trying to decide if the increased price for the Paradigms will be accompanied by an equal increase in performance/quality.

These speakers will be placed in a solid bookshelf at 30" high, with about 16" of depth. My room is 11' x 18'. My receiver is a Denon 3802, and I'm using a Definitive Technology ProSub 100TL on the sub-out. I have about a 70/30 split for music vs movie...

Currently I am using Paradigm Mini-Monitors on the bookshelves, and they seem to be very fatiguing and too-forward (they did however work fantastically as surrounds in my larger room).

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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I haven't "see the Diva light". I do have the Paradigm Ref center and 4 Ref. In Walls. I think it is very nice. It is it my bedroom and very unobtrusive.

Good Value.
I was wondering if anyone had compared the Diva 6.1 to the Reference 100. I live in a small town and have to buy stuff based on others reviews because there is no where for me to audition this stuff.

have to buy stuff based on others reviews
Is this a good idea, in general?
I don't know Will, isn't that how you bought the 950? :D

I listened extensively to the Studio 100's and posted my opinions somewhere in one of the Diva threads. The short version is when I was auditioning speakers, my favorites came down to the Studio 100's and the B&W 804's in my price range. They were both such good speakers that I finally clicked on the order button for Divas because I couldn't decide. I've never looked back. They sure sound sweet to me, and I saved some money as well. :cool:
So Russ, as far as you are concerned, the Divas that you own sound as good as the Ref 100's that you auditioned?

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