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So after a few years out I am back off to college, and will be living in the dorm. To simplify things (at least as far as space is concerned) I would like to rip my dvd collection (about 200 movies) to my hard drive and retain the ac3 information so that I can pass it out to a 5.1 speaker set (logitech z-680 thx certified). Now I've done some very basix divx cration in the past, but the audio was always just stereo. In looking for a way to keep the ac3 I have discovered a few things:

1) it is possible to do this

2) Almost everyone does it differently

3) It appears that 3 or more programs are necessary to get it to work.

This is a little bit troubling, as I am basically looking for a program that I put in how big I want the output file to be (I'm looking at keeping everything at about 500MB/ hour) and pressing a button, then going to bed for the evening. Does anything like this exist? If not, can anyone point me to a place that covers this process from start to finish?

Thanks for any help you may provide

-Nate Moore

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there really isn't a one-button solution...sorry.

I back up all my dvd's to divx w/ ac3, and it's a few step process....

One other thing to consider is DVDShrink (rather than divx) and just set a size limit on each project....then use s/w dvd player to playback the movies.

PM me if you'd like more details on how I do my rips.


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wait till u see the guide for Divx with DTS :p

anyway u just need a few programs,


VirtualDubMod (actually only this program)

this mod will open mpeg 2 streams directly, and encode it to any format u want, and also open AC3 files, and u can also have up to 2 audio tracks.

but remember these interlaeve settings

It seems as though we can't have a magic set of numbers that will work for everyone. This is mostly trial and error in order to find the right values. So below is a few common interleave settings for muxing AC3 (preferably using NanDub)-





160ms/160ms (Works well for 5.1 384kbps)

128ms/128ms (Works well for 5.1 448kbps)


80ms/80ms (Works well for 2.0 192kbps)





500ms/3frames --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

First value above is for preload. Some users have reported choppy playback if using the NanDub default 500/1frame setting. There has been some discussion in the forums and the general consensus for most users is that the values must be multiples of 32(i.e. 64, 96 or 128). One of the values above should work but it will take some patience testing them.

Also worth noting, Acaila kindly pointed out that certain interleave values above might only work for a specific AC3 bitrate. A 448kbps AC3 seems to work nicely with a 64ms/64ms setting but audio drop outs might occur with this setting. I tested 96ms/96ms and 128ms/128ms and they both worked very well on a Fortissmo II and TB Santa Cruz card. For a 384kbps AC3, try an interleave of 160ms/160ms.
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