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DIY 120+" Screen - Low cost options

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I just got my projector set up (Infocus SP5000) and I'm thrilled at the picture quality. It's good enough for my expecations. I'm looking at building a screen that is at least 120". I can actually go for 140-160". It is in my basement and I have complete light control. I threw a sheet up against my wall at the 160" mark and was fairly satisfied at the possibilty. Obviously a bed sheet isn't the best material though.

That is where my question arises. I've read alot of DIY screens that were based on 54" wide material. That would only get me about 100". I want to go bigger. I've read Projector Central's screen walkthrough that suggested backdrop paper that is possibly available up to 117" and I've looked at Dazian projector fabric available up to 110". I've only seen blackout fabric up to 60" maximum. Of course there are also recomendations for Parkland plastic sheets, but those are even smaller from what I've seen.

Also, a quick search on ebay reveals many low cost options, but are any of them good? An example is a listing for New 76" x 122" Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen Material.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what material would be a good investment.

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What is your budget for this screen? What are the approximate room dimensions and what are the colors of your walls and ceiling? Do you prefer an acoustically transparent screen?
Listed below in my signature are several links showing the canvas screen I built and the frame system I used. Canvas comes rolled and very smooth up to 144 inches. And with the frame system I used you could produce easily a 10 foot high screen to almost any length. It does require a paint finish and there are many ways to go with that.

The screen shown is 72x96 or 120 in a 4:3 AR but the same methods could be used with other aspect ratios.
SMX acoustically transparent screen material is 98" wide which is suppose to be the Height when using it. It is fantastic stuff. more money than the cheapest alternatives but comparable to screens costing thousands so it is relative.
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