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DIY Bar Rails?

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Has anyone done Bar Rails themselves? I'm talking about the Rails that you put your feet on at a bar. I was thinking that you could by the Brackets online from a supplier and just buy 1 1/2 in diameter brass or chrome tubing. Problem is...I don't know where you could get lengths of tubing locally.

Anyone ever try this?

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I happened to see your question and it reminded me of this 600 page supply book someone mailed me (probably from some magazine subscription...) and it has tons of parts:

www.outwater.com - 'Architectural Products by Outwater LLC'.

I haven't checked their web site, but there is 5-6 pages of steel, brass and wood 'bar rail' parts around page 230.
Outwater is a great place for alot of hard to find items.

If you can't get them there, email me and I can get anything you want.
You can get the DIY stuff from a number of sources:



I'm looking for brushed chrome or nickel but I need a sweeping radius bend. No clue how to get that done.
Thanks for the links. This may be what I'm looking for.



Now how do I go about getting this stuff bent into a large radius?

Like a 1 ft deflection at the middle of a 10 ft span?

Do I just show up at a custom muffler shop with a template of the curve?

Or put it in the garage and wait for my wife to park her car? (as in patching the drywall)
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When I read your need for a bend, I immediately thought about a muffler shop. Why not??? :)
Just wrap it with something so that the tube bender doesnt scrath the Heck out of it! Let us know if this works.

I'm going with a brushed metal so It will hide minor scratches (I hope)
I just saw the materials for the bar rails at Home Cheapo. There are inexpensive pipe benders there and I have seen them at rental places.
Many of these Internet suppliers seem to resell bar rail from Lawrence Metal:


I bought mine directly from Lawrence and saved a few bucks.
Tracy from my reading up on pipe bending the real trick is to do it without making the pipe deform into an oval. Since the supports and end caps are round if you get it too much out of wack they won't fit (I imagine).

What I need is a slow curve the entire length of a 10 ft pipe. 1 ft deflection in middle. I'm not sure what tool you saw at HD that might do it.

I probably need something like:
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