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DIY corner trap material

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As I understand it, the performance of a bass trap is affected (primarily) by:

thickness, density, and mounting relative to wall with air space in between being better.

Let me know if this stuff I just found at Home Depot would be any good. Aesthetics not a concern as it will be hidden behind curtain and a bookcase. The material in question is blown cellulose insulation, made by Cocoon. It comes densely compressed in clear plastic, in a rectangular form. It measures 8"x20"x31" and weighs 28.5lbs, and cost $12cdn. A stack of three would fit nicely in a 8ft ceiling. By my calculations, the density (as packaged)is 9.93pcf. According to www.bobgolds.com , OC701,703,705 are 1.5, 3.0, and 6.0pcf respectively.

To use, I would simply leave it in the packaging and place them diagonally in the corner, so that it is essentially an 8" thick panel. I would construct some wooden frame to strap the three stacks together so they can stand vertically.

i just wanted to hear what you guys have to say.

-is it too dense?

-does the plastic affect performance? Isn't being porous better?
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I cannot find where I read this before, but one of the music forums at a different site had a thread where a guy did the same thing. You would have to look at the absorption coeficients of the material. Just because it weighs 9 pcf doesn't mean its a good low freq absorber.

Maybe some of the experts like bpape and ravanas can chime in on this.
yeah, I thought it would be too easy to just pick a dense/heavy material. Otherwise, I could put a pile of bricks. The nature of the material has to count. The product packaging has no absorption coefficient printed on it, just lots of R values.
Your plan seems solid, I don't know the abs. coefficients of the cellulose insulation you're talking about but at least with rock wool or fiberglass insulation that would work, and yes, you don't even have to undo the plastic packings, they have about zero effect on low frequencies. The density is good.

Go for it!
I say, try it ! keep in the bag and if it doesn't work, return it.

The Cocoon site only has STC ratings and don't tell us much about sound


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