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I'm currently in the process of upgrading woofers in my 3 way fronts and need a little help to modify my current crossover to use with dual jbl 2226j's.

Just a little background my current speakers consist of dual klipsch k33's for the bottom crossed to a jbl 2485j on an elliptical horn at 400hz, then for a tweeter I use a jbl 2404h which is takes over from 6000hz up.

So the crossover points are at 400 and 6000hz. The jbl 2226j's will be set up just like a jbl 4648a-8 bass bin. I want to leave the crossover points the same just change out the bottom inductor to work with this configuration. This is just to get me started until I take measurements of the completed system and tweak the crossover as need be. I have included a schematic of my current crossover which is a simple 3 way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
cs dbb.jpg 26k .jpg file


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