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I have been using my NEC GP-3000 (actually a GE 414E) on a 45" x 80" 16:9 matte white screen for a while, which is OK, but I would really like a higher gain screen.

Now I have bought an old 92" x 126" Stewart Video Matte 200 (actually the label says VM 2000) screen (which is way too big for my room). The screen is mounted on a aluminum frame with some "snap locks".

I'm planning to build my new screen 45" x 96". This would give me a 45" x 80" 16:9 picture as before but would allow a 41" x 96" 2.35:1 picture.

I will of course build a new frame for this, but how do I attach the cut down screen material to this frame?

Right now the edge of the screen material is reinforced (sp?) with some kind of strong fabric. I was planning on some sort of "wrap-around" and binding as Stewart shows here:


BUT: Would I not need to reinforce the edge of the screen fabric, before "punching" holes?

Is there an alternate way to attach the screen material?

2nd Q: I have read some posts here about the benefits of using curved screens - especially for higher gain material. I was planning on a horizontal curve only with a radius around twice the throw distance. Will this give me the benefits of a curved screen?

BTW: the room is quite small: 12'x16'x7', which means I will only have 4' from screen-edge to the sidewalls. I plan on using velour or velvet curtains for masking.


Kristian Moeller
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