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Hi !

I'll be moving out of my appartment in july (and into a new one). The location for my future screen is in front of a window, so the fixed-frame one I own is going for retirement.

I plan to build a drop-down one, motorized would be perfect, so that I could control It via X10.

My reflexions brought me... not too far : I think I'll go for a 4:3 frame, with black borders and a large black portion on top (since my ceiling is high and my proj is low in its table). I somehow thought of adding a full-black screen on a second roll, so as to make a 16:9 frame whenever wanted, by moving the 4/3 one a bit and hiding the top "black bar" with my second (black) screen.

What I'm looking for is (of course) the mechanism. I looked around and found some cheap shades mechanisms, on which I could manage to hook some motors.

What do you think ?


Marc-Etienne HUNEAU
[email protected]
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