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[DIY] Cylinder vs. Box tye of subwoofer(s)

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I am wondering why those threads I do see about DIY subwoofers focus almost exclusively on box-type enclosures and not cylinder-type enclosures. Could this simply be a case of not looking in the right place for DIY cylinder subwoofers?

To me, it seems like a cylinder enclosure would be the easiest, albeit not the prettiest, approach to building a DIY subwoofer. One could find cylinders 'tubes' at their local home improvement stores and builder supply houses. Drivers designed for subwoofer applications are abound. And an external amplifier could make the necessity of plate-style mounted amplification not a problem.

Still, I wonder about his.

BTW, I thought it was amusing that SVS is selling the ART 351 EQ for $179 when it can be had in any Guitar Center for $99. If this kind of margin is built into a product they sell and don't build I can only wonder about their subs' margins.
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Ok, don't everyone answer at once, now. Twenty-three views before I posted this reply. I think there may be some interest.
Home Theater Forum's DIY section has a link at the top to a long list of 'sonotube' projects. You are correct... if you can cut 3 circles (two plates and a hole in one of them) you can build a sonotube sub.
Just not looking in the right place ;) There are many many DIY cylinder subs out there.

Check my sig for two, and as mentioned above this site for many more:

Greg, I reposted on HTF before you replied here, then got informed of the DIY section. Dustin, I checked out your projects, but that link you provided failed.
It's on a free hosting site. Goes down when it exceeds it's bandwidth for a given period. Just try again later. It's working right now.
Whomever that site belongs to can go a long way by using Bellsouth Personal Web Portal. I found out months ago that its free to anyone (I don't think they intended this, but their stupid), and its without pop-ups because their subscribers complained.
No cylinder DIY? Try google. Here is one from one of the leaders in the audio industry.


Post your results when you get it built.:D
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