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DIY Digital Piano

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Im looking to create a digital baby grand piano using an old, but good quality weighted midi keyboard i have feeding into an iphone. I am struggling to find a good solution on the audio side. Essentially im looking to feed an iphone output into an amplifier which then feeds into the speaker arrangement mounted into the MDF body (see pic)


My budget is Extremely limited, but i'm happy to wait around on ebay for deals to get the best range / quality sound possible. Due to the wide range of a real piano (27.50Hz to 4186Hz) i have considered using a subwoofer mounted in a separated bow within the main structure for the low end of the scale. I have also considered using a 3way setup with crossovers for the main part to keep sound rich, and also give it some variance in location of sound.

An advantage i have is the system would not need to be particularly loud in comparison to allot of sound systems discussed - it would be nice to have some decent volume - would 30 watts seem appropriate ?


So far i have been looking at t-amp, and d class amplifiers. Id take any recommendations but would want to keep size, heat, and price down as much as possible.


The main thing i'm looking for advice on is the speakers. If the pictured setup pointless, and ineffective ? would the speaker setup need to go down in the region of 25-30hz to give an effective replication of the piano sound ?

Any advice that could be sent my way would be gratefully received. I've used this, and many sites before for various projects, but am a firm believer of searching and reading before asking so this is the first time ive ever needed to participate (given i have no useful advice to offer anyone else) so go easy !

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How cool. The main question is, how loud do you need it to play? There are plenty of full range drivers that can almost give you the entire frequency range, though distortion and low output on the low and high end are common (like a real piano). Parts-express has great buyouts of pro audio and guitar/piano/bass amp drivers that may be useful to you. If you just need it for your own practicing and aren't going for incredible volumes (which I assume you are not), then a couple of full range drivers should work just fine.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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