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DIY firmware update for Marantz SR5001?

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I started tinkering with audio components as a hobby, and this forum has been of great help to me as a lurker. Thank you all for that.

I do have a specific question about older Marantz products that I hope gets more attention than in the owners' thread.

As is well documented in the owners' thread, the Marantz SRX001 series initially launched without support for 7.1 PCM over HDMI. Support was added via a firmware update sometime in 2006 or 2007. The update was intended to be performed at a service center, and, as far as I can tell, there was no DIY update option. The SR5001 unit I have does not accept 48 kHz 7.1 PCM signals over HDMI, so it was apparently never updated.

I have laid eyes on the service manual for this specific model, and the update procedure requires a straight-through RS-232C cable along with Marantz's proprietary software package. If I could just get the software package and the firmware file, I could perform the update myself. Is any of the software available in a database somewhere?
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