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Hey All -

I had to abandon my DIY frame at a house I sold across the country. I DID bring my 110" Da-Lite screen material with me, and I need to get it back on a frame.

I don't recall exactly what I used, but I believe it was poplar 1x3, which I've seen referenced here a bit. I also recall having issues with it. It was difficult to find very straight pieces at the hardware store, and I did a lot of bracing and such to square it up.

Curious to know if anyone has ideas on not only the wood type, but the construction of it. My old one was held together with L brackets and had a single vertical brace in the middle. It also had a some braces in the corners - probably a foot or so from the corner - to square it up. Then I took care of the rest with the mounting. In that case, it had to be mounted strangely because I had an overhang (for waste pipes) on the screen wall that I had to put it in front of.

Anyway, just looking for any suggestions before I go about this a second time around (and several years later). Thanks all!

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Some steps cannot be bypassed or overlooked:

  • Shop for the needed lengths of Clear, Kiln-Dried Poplar at Home Depot

  • You still need to hand pick for straightness. No Bows either way or Twists

  • 1 x 3s are best, but construct the Frame "On Edge", not "Flat"

  • Dependent upon the size and format of your screen, use a minimum of 3 interior Vertical Supports

  • Join all Corners and Straight Butts with Straight Cut Edges using a Kreg Pocket Screw Jig. Home Depot sells sells a $99.00 version that is more than adequate.

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