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DIY Funnies

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It's Friday...

Isoclean audio grade fuses

I use the Cryo Parts ceramic fuses in my amp and pre. Very noticible level of refinement,"calmness" and clarity with the one in the amp. Less noticible in the pre. Also dabbed the ends with Mapleshade silclear and that also seemed to add a little something good.

Yummy, frozen fuses for better sound, only $25 each.

Debate: Which is better, $25 hooker or $25 fuse, apples to apples -> * all fuses are slow blow version for best quality sound ... slow blow applies to the hooker too.
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I use the Mcgyver method... I use the wrapper from my chewing gum.... however I find out that Juicy Fruit was better at conducting current better than Wrigley's spearmint
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Good stuff. I love reading these kind of descriptions of improvements in sound due to the addition of various sorts of snake oil products.
A had a post of downright extraordinary satire back in the speaker forums about my new ($92 from cragslist) bose system. It went into the intricate details of properly breaking in certain hardwood blocks that elevated the cables.
I still love the "sound rocks" I think thy posted it a while back.... something about the acoustical properties they make when they sit on top of your speakers makes for clearer sound.... and they were something like 100 bucks a rock???
I have DIY magic rocks and DIY magic positive energy diffusers! They improve transparency,dynamics,clarity and obesity of the subsonic spectrum when listening to Top 40 garbage on the AM radio!

Also I use my FiFini Disc Declarifier III and let it spin the negative neutrinos @ 170000 rpm! The CD's gain a SACD resolution,FREE Poupon comes free to transform 25 cent hot dogs into a gourmet petit dejeuner!

DIY and save make your own snake oil and save!

Originally Posted by TheEAR /forum/post/0

obesity of the subsonic spectrum

I like that phrase, it's only a matter of time before it appears in a well-known publication.

Have you guys tried using a green magic marker to put stripes on your CD's? Center to edge, not in a circle. The difference is measurable. Really. I swear.
Lol, the green marker trick was about the funniest ever IMO, due to its widespread popularity, then, when it was completely debunked, it slithered back into the anals of shame in the subjective listener cult.
Dude, you need to put some teflon tape on those fuses!!!
Who needs fuses when aluminum foil is so cheap?
I'll take a hooker over a fuse any day. You can do things with a hooker that would be just plain unpleasant with a fuse.
Is the rocks thing really serious??? I always thought it must be a joke.

I hope they are....
Sadly, like the Clever Little Clock, I think they are real.
You guys should check out pretty much any post from hifisoundguy, they are hysterical, he has all kinds of wacko ideas he reads about, believes them all, and when he tries them, comes on here and tells the world how much more clear, and dynamic his system is with better imaging.

BTW, I think he said he sold his Polk LSI 15's for a Bose Acoustic wave.

Originally Posted by thylantyr /forum/post/0

Beavis and Butthead should be salesmen.

I am snake olle O ...


OMG !!!???!

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Originally Posted by jpmst3 /forum/post/0

OMG !!!???!

Aren't the advantages OBVIOUS!? You guys clearly don't know what you're talking about!!

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Did anyone see them at CES? apparently they were the stars of show, everyone thought they were the best, dealers were begging them to sell their products, reviewers were eagerly anticipating their first samples. At least, that's what their site said...
You could always sell those pebbles at holiday time as "pet pebbles" the wee version of the pet rock.
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