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This may be a little bit removed from Subs and speakers but I have been thinking about building a Box to Isolate a guitar cab for microphone recording and would like maybe a few pointers, I thought maybe I would get a better answer here as this has more to do with box design than anything, and maybe some of you have experience with doing a similar type of project.

What I do at the minute is put a 2x12 open back guitar speaker in my wardrobe, cover the place in blankets everywhere to stop as much of the unwanted room reflections as possible ending up in the recording, it sounds all right but it's not very practical as I have to then disassemble everything so I can actually use my wardrobe again, I have read other threads on various forums and there's a lot mixed opinions on the sound, because some people build there's basically completely sealed they end up sounding boxy etc, but I don't actually want to completely Stop noise escaping the box I just want to stop the unwanted reflections and make it a little quieter on the outside without making it to large, but I don't have much experience here so what I was thinking was:

Make a box Larger then the actual cab say about an extra 10 cm in box size around the outside of the cab itself with say 40 cm of micing space in front of the cab.
Have the cab on an angle to stop umm standing waves? (I don't know if this is BS or not)
Have the cab slightly elevated of the floor (heard this helps)
Angle all the walls of the inside + soundproofing, then have a like labyrinth slot port to allow the speaker to breathe and not muddy up the result, stop reflections and quiet down the escaping noise if you know what I mean. Does it sound like a good idea? if so how would I design it so I don't end up making a speaker inside of a speaker box with nasty colouration.

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