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DIY HT Review Jargon Construction

Newbies, compose your own HT review from the phrases below, taken from former reviews of

actual members. (Okay, portions thereof) Select a phrase from each column to form statements

which seem profound. Those who have not yet mastered the finer points of home theater reviews,

will find this guide invaluable when conversing with others on this topic.

Column A

1) Properly tweaked, I hear

2) For those of you using outboard devices,

3) I found that I did not have to readjust

4) Using a device like

5) What are the advantages and disadvantages of

6) I have fashioned an upside-down mount for

7) You can mitigate the effect by

8) After reading your comments about

9) I was thinking about upgrading

0) Physically blocking out

Column B

1) the processing algorithm that

2)an acoustically transparent screen

3) the progressive mode difference that

4) a line of random, misfiring horizontal pixels which

5) a light taupe wall that

6) a wavy line on almost every input which

7) a pre-production model that

8) a drop-off in lumens which

9)a sharp transition between colors that

0) an elevated black level which

Column C

1) can have negative acoustical effects regarding

2) is really a non-event as it emphasizes

3) is fully HDTV compatible but causes

4) produces brighter images but at the expense of and reduction in

5) is a little more "wobbley" than I would have liked, but shows

6) looks beefier, although uglier, yet reflects

7) drives us to consider

8) is largely (if not entirely) physio-visual,and psychco-visual toward

9) is so sharp as to make your eyes bleed, but reflects

0) provides marginal difference from

Column D

1) a soft image.

2) the "beating effect".

3) an intermodulation distortion.

4) the sweet spot.

5) combing artifacts.

6) a serious lobing effect.

7) the “screen door†effect.

8) a smooth "film-like" look

9) some sort of banding.

0) color shifting.

Column E

1) It truly is an amazing work of engineering.

2) This is just based on my reading from this forum.

3) Is this something that I need to be concerned about?

4) The image was truly stunning.

5) The law of diminishing returns is in effect.

6) I am a very picky videophile.

7) Where they using a scaler?

8) The solarization is now fixed.

9) Are we all that more perceptive?

0) Just my 2 cents.

Instructions: Simply think of any five digit number (say, 65183) and read off the similarly

numbered phrases from columns A, B, C, D and E. (For example, 65183 is "I have fashioned an

upside-down mount for a light taupe wall that can have negative acoustical effects regarding a

smooth "film-like" look . Is this something that I need to be concerned about?") Never mind what

it means; just use it and watch your approval rating soar. Use five together, and you can be

admitted to the Digital Hi End board. Use all ten together, and you may be eligible to become an

honorary moderator. As you become more proficient in its use, you may wish to experiment with

varying the column sequence (E,B,A,C,D) but this is not recommended for beginners.

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Excellent analysis! As we get more accustomed to the phrases, we can just list the numbers. E-0!
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