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DIY Plans for a CRT projector

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Any suggestions as to sources for DIY plans for floor mounting a CRT projector such as a 9500 or 1209? What about furniture sources for same. Would help in establishing layout for future HT. Thanks.
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You just need some kind of sturdy non-moving structure to put it on, preferably you can attach it so it doesn't get bumped by people leaning on it or similar. Height will be determined by your choice in angling it, and how high your screen will be, etc.
I have mine on two 4x4 that are nailed to the floor, with two 2x4 screwed across where the aluminium angles that are a Barco's feet are. I have four clamps holding the projector to the 2x4, so if somebody manages to move it they have to be Hulk!
Any problems with WAF on appearance of the stand ,or is it that if you can swing getting a Barco 1209 the rest is easy? Any photos?? Thanks.
1) College students use milk crates

2) techies use pink rollaround carts. As seen on fleabay..:)

If you're over on the mainland ever, give me a shout, I have 150 sets in stock and can demo some if you'd like.

I just love this pic .

This puts a whole new meaning to custom theater .

What ever you do not let your wife see this pic before you build yours :)

http://imageshack.us http://img368.imageshack.us/img368/2...1292med9eq.jpg
Dayum!!! That couch looks like Barbie furniture under that. :)

What I did for floor mount in my HT:

I had a wooden futon bed that I cut the 2x6 pine cross pieces from and moved the ends of the bed in. It resembled a very uncomfortable chair before I put my 8500 in it. The ends look pretty decent with nice stiles and the height was perfect for my current screen. I still have to paint the whole thing black (something else to trip over in the dark...like the rocking ottomans I'm always doing the Dick VanDyke pratfall over) It took me about an hour to modify the thing and get the pj into it. I drilled 3/4" holes in the sides to get at the screws for the panels should I ever have to get them off.

I made the footing adjustable for level/pitch by taking a piece of the leftover 2x6, cutting it to about 6" long, millied an adjuster slot, carriage bolted it to the main part of the "leg" and am using L brakets bolted to the main part of the "chair" and another on the moveable leg. I drilled a hole in the moveable leg L bracket, tapped it, and am using 4 (one for each leg of course) adjusting knobs from a copy machine with 3/8's fine thread and a nice big plastic knob to turn it comfortably without tools.

My HT is in a portion of basement that was unfinished when I started and still has epoxy painted floors with large area rugs for now, but the plan is to install padded carpeting and I'm sure the pj will sink into it alot at first but slowly over time which will require re-leveling until it reaches maximum crush depth.

I still have to figure out how to modify it for hush purposes but right now I'm still learning setup and fine tuning so noise is not an issue.

I have future plans to add swing out and up beverage holders mounted to it on each side next to those two seats. They'll swing up like the desktops on those horribly uncomfortable desks we had when I was a small kid in New England schools.

So, look around your house or building sites for wood scraps and spend a couple hours creating. After hours of staring at convergence lines and dots its a nice getaway and allows me anyways to think about why I can't get the %$#@!&* astig blobs round.

One mans junk is, well, something that will save you money to put to better use...such as some MP mods. ;)

Merry Christmas all!
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bruce can, my wife would kill me for that one, even though it's a room she doesn't see that often! They should have floor mounted that one!
Have a look through this thread. It has some links to floor mounted inclosures.

When did Raster invite you round for tea?
I like that picture. Solution is crude but it works :)
That pic is an old one, I actually think it was a digital guy who posted it here .

I remember QQQ had one of the funiest responses, it was something about how much the guy must have hated digital to go through all that work . :)

I have to ask... please correct me if I'm wrong here.

Doesn't a coffe table hush box require a VERY low screen? I own a PG Xtra and have a lot of Keystone applied for it to be somewhat lower than the screen. This still makes for a high hushbox. In some of those shots the PJ's almost on the floor. If I had this type of arrangement I wouldn't have enough Keystone to compensate and very poor top to bottom focus.
No, that's not necessarily so. If you use a 4:3 screen and have the projector approximately on par with the bottom of it, then it's actually placed the way it would be placed if it was hanging and had to show a 4:3 image. And that's the way I do it. Of course if you have to use a 16x9 screen and refuse to set the projector up for 4:3 (and loose use of the top 1/3 of the raster) you'll have to push geometry very far.
Bruce Can,

Thanks for the big laugh by posting the picture. I showed to my wife and she laughed as much as I did. (Fortunately we already have our CRT PJ installed.) We did it ourselves too. Ours was mounted using Eye bolts and threaded rods through the floor joists. Our biggest problem now is that **EVERYTHING** in the room is **WHITE**. This condition is not permanent. :)

p.s. 2 inch PVC pipe makes an excellent frame for home made screens. You can buy quilter's muslin at walmart in 10 ft widths. Grommits can be applied to the perimeter of the cloth and secured from behind like a corsett using nylon rope. Nothing like mixing classic male and female thinking styles. :)
Bruce Can,

That picture just made me think of the French revolution. We may be looking at the work of the descendent of a guillotine builder. :)

I wouldn't want to sit under it. I prefer bolts over hammer-on plates.
I recently floor mounted my xg and I simply raised the front of my projector about 6 in. to get my screen hight higher. I than busted out the math I never thought I would need in life and calculated the amount I would need to tilt the top of my screen foward to compensate for the extra keystone.
I than busted out the math I never thought I would need in life and calculated the amount I would need to tilt the top of my screen foward to compensate for the extra keystone.
thanks! my sentiment exactly (not on the math :) but on tilting the screen). I had forgotten about this one! I'll experiment with this. Option(b) is hanging the PG too low for my taste (6 feet). Do you "perceive" the effect of the tilted screen when viewing video? I mean, when watching you do notice it's tilted or just don't mind it?
Do you "perceive" the effect of the tilted screen when viewing video? I mean, when watching you do notice it's tilted or just don't mind it?
I actually believe it may improve the image perception compared to a normal non tilted setup. I figured if you don't tilt the screen you are in essence creating a trapezoidal image since the top of the screen is further away from the viewers eyeline than the bottom (using the proper screen setup where as the bottom of screen is at the viewers eyeline). By tilting the screen in you would offset that effect by reducing the tops of the screens distance to the viewers eyeline relative to the bottom (not sure if thats worded clearly), while still maintain the bottom of the screen at the viewers eyeline setup.
The photo is from Nils (FolGoTT). The ceiling was not strong enough so he built that construction. It is very cool and with the hush-box the 1292 is very quiet.

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