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Originally Posted by thxbest  /t/1524162/diy-projector-screen-cheap-alternative-for-black-felt-tape#post_24525286

What is a cheap alternative for felt tape to make the screen border black.

One roll of felt tape is $29.


Answering both your Thread's questions here.

Catch a Sale price at JoAnns Fabrics for Royalty Black Velevet and get 4 yards for $7.50 yd. While it may actually be a bit more than the Felt Tape, the visual quality and feel is worth much more. Felt Tape is crap by comparison. (...or course if wastage is a buggin' issue with you, you'll look down your nose at this option...)

As for the BOC at Carls, Rose Brand sells 110" wide BOC for $8.58 yrd . (...only a teeny bit les than Carls)

Your screen size is the issue. NO ONE sells BOC in widths between 58/60" and 110" so ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

But no matter what, if you want a easy time of it, be absolutely certain you request that the BOC comes in a Roll....not folded. I'm not even sure Rosebrand offers that choice...but Carl's Place does, and Carl's will cut the BOC to your requested size (78" wide would be best) to minimize shipping costs in a "Rolled" configuration. Call and ask for Carl himself and tell him that MississippiMan sez to do you a "solid". He might just listen.

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I would suggest that going cheap on boarder tape is a big mistake. The difference between felt and velvet tape is amazing. Velvet tape is available on Ebay and the extra $20 will really be well spent. I have had experience with both and have replaced the felt with velvet.
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