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Hello everyone

I've got my first projector, a Mitsu hc3800. Now I need a screen that suits my needs, I'll mostly watch movies and can darken the entire room except light reflected from the pj.

The distance from wall to wall is ~ 12 feet. The offset of the pj is in this case ~ 1,3 feet. I need to mount the projector somewhere in the middle pretty close above my head because I've got an inclined ceiling on the side where i'm sitting, meaning I can't ceilling mount. I'll probably need to put some angle on the screen and pj, e.g. the lower end of the screen will be ~ 3 inches closer to me then the upper end to not project onto the ceilling. This will probably be better then using keystone.

Now to my room, here are some pictures:

This is where the screen will be, you can see the wardrobe on the right... There isn't that much space to the left or right of the wall. I'll of course put the table and plant + poster away.

Here you can see how wide the wardrobe is and its pretty bright, so I'll probably cover it (the side facing the screen) with a black or dark-red curtain, same goes for the window-side.

Here you can see the ceiling what it looks like. Its not white so I think it'll be ok, I don't want to paint it black.

Heres the floor, also not white...

On the other side theres a red couch and at ~ 3 feet the wooden ceilling starts. I hope this helps you in giving me some tips on the screen.

As you can see my room isn't perfect, not entirely black but I can eliminate all light sources except light reflecting from the (bright) walls.

What I'm thinking about:

- Grey Screen ~ 96-104"

- DIY screen + painting

- price up to ~ 200$

I'm not sure about:

- Material, as I'm from Germany and I don't know wheter these colors exist that people mix here on this forum. I already thought about goo because this would be the easiest and its available but probably not the best solution

- Which material I should choose to build the screen, maybe laminate would be good and I could paint that...

- Which gain I should choose

- Grey screen best choice?

I hope you guys can help me, I already read the DIY screen FAQ and Beginners Guide but I'm still not entirely sure which color mix fits my room the best.

Edit: Is it possible to do a black diamond screen yourself?

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Because I already posted you like a dozen pms and you stopped responding?

Originally Posted by bcoots76
I'm also new to all of this so can't personally help but here's a link that may be helpful.


You could probably order the exact paints off the internet or maybe you could get the same color or type of paint over there just in a different brand.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck!

Thanks! Maybe with the color codes I can order in germany... I'm still unsure about which mix fits my needs and room the best.
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