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Looking for a recommendation on a DIY screen color for the Optoma GT700 projector ceiling mounted.

White walls, ceiling.

Some ambient light

120" screen dia.

my seating is wide open from 1' to 40'

Movies and gaming primary use.

Projector specs

1280 X 800

2500 lumins

2500:1 contrast

I have a flat perfect drywall already painted white...and oh yes I have a sprayer and Im a picky [email protected]#$ER !!

Ive read alot of these threads and now im not sure which color to use. If MM or somebody could give me the reciepe Ill have it done ASAP. We have baers paint available in town.

Thank you


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Most of the use will be at night so ambient will not be a problem but it will be used occasionally during daytime. Ceiling is Flat white and Ive read that is going to be a problem but its not going to change. The walls are white but are 10' away from each side of the screen. Ill take a pic of the project tonight and youll see whats going on.


Im going to put the screen on the center wall which is kind of out of any direct light and is shadowed, but not totally dark of course. The wall is a touch over 8' wide if it matters.

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Well now,

You have brightness going both for and against you here. Plenty of Lumen Horsepower, but a large, white reflective surface (ceiling) and ambient light at times.

There is no doubt about your needing a painted solution that both improves perceived Black levels (2500:1
) and works to mitigate ambient/reflected light that is less intense than the Projected light but strong enough to adversely affect the image quality via wash out.

For a "better than average" screen, I need to know you screen size. Just looking at that Partition Wall, I'd estimate 45" x 72" = 85" diagonal. You could go a little larger width-wise except that Light switch prevents you from placing the Screen just low enough to avoid that Ceiling. Hence, you must restrain the actual Screen height to 45" .

Now that's not "all bad", but certainly it's not "all good" either because your Optoma must be placed correctly to perform well. It is a machine with no Zoom, almost no Lens offset, and a very short Throw.(4' 4" @ spec'd screen size) Well suited for a Table-Top position, except your necessary Screen position would require a pretty tall table. Ceiling mounted, it will be hangin' mighty low.

Must I presume this unit is already in hand and a "Done Deal"?

If so, under these circumstances I feel obliged to suggest a Basic Neutral Gray w/Poly of a 7.0 on the Munsell scale

Gallon Custom Tint

Behr UPW (1850)-Interior Enamel

496 Lamp Black

112 Brown Oxide

048 Medium Yellow

To 1/2 of the Gallon add 16 oz MinWax "Water Based" Clear Satin Polyurethane

You can fude on the darkness of the Screen just a bit with this alternative shade:

Gallon Custom Tint

Behr UPW (,1850)-Interior Enamel

372 Lamp Black

084 Brown Oxide

036 Medium Yellow

What sprayer do you have?

All things considering, the Screen selection is an easy do, and it's performance will be more than sufficient. Anything "Mo Bedder" will entail the use of Silver Fire at a 4.0 - 5.0 colorant level, but that also means going to a Michaels store, as well as ordering a few paints off line.

I'd hold off on that and focus on the mounting issues, as I see your needing to mount that critter higher than screen center, tilt it downward, then employ the Vertical Keystone feature to correct the Trapezoidal image.

Get an image up and "squared" within the confines of the available space. Allow for at least 2" of Trim, and crowd that Wall switch as close as possible so as to maximize the distance from the Top edge of the Screen to the ceiling.

No matter what, when your playing any Game or watching content that contains brightly lit scenes, when the lights are down, that ceiling will light up like it's a giant Florescent Fixture. The ultra dark Screen will help by both attenuating the intense light output of the Screen while deepening the Black levels and color saturation enough to work against washout caused by all that reflected light so close in the proximity of the Screen.

Ya know, even iffin' ya don't / won't paint the Ceiling directly above the Screen, since your such a picky F#%r, you should consider wrapping a 4' x 8' x 1/2" sheet of Foam Insulating Board with Black Velvet and Velco-ing it directly above the Screen. Or just spray that sort of lightweight sheet with Disney Color "Mouse Ears" and hang it. I would make a world of difference when the lights are down because having a room "Flash on-Flash Off" is horribly distracting.

Man, Im a'tellin' ya, don't talk about being picky, and wanting something better'n average, and then set the stage for disappointing results by not considering factors that work against your desired results. That makes no sense. Smart thinking can elicit solutions that give you most everything you want while avoiding the things you don't.

BTW, why did you cop that GT700? For the 3D feature?

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Thank you for the reply!!

I'm trying my mobile AVS for the first time so please bare with me

I will do something on the ceiling like you recommended . Which projector in the 6-700 range would you recommend? The 3D capability we would like to keep. I'm not looking for top of the stuff this is out in our garage/game room. We had a fire this summer that's why it's a mess. I'm picky on my workmanship I try to do the best I can. I really appreciate you taking time to help out and I'll keep posting pics as it progresses!!

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